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January 23, 2012
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~The Betrayal~

Chapter 3

First Months Of Life

            Things have been going well for the commander and Mistress. They went back home with the new family member. Everyone of the Commander and Mistress' friends loved and adored Sonar. Her light blue eyes seemed to catch everyones attention. "Awwww, she has her father's eyes. How adorable!" Says one of the Mistress' friends. Two months had come and goneand still no one knows about Sonar's powers, and they shall never will. One fine January day, Maria was down stairs playing with Sonar. She laughed and giggled as her mother made silly faces at her. The Commander was out on his duty commanding and training his Mobian Army. So Maria was basically on her own watching over the baby. Mary acatiaonally helped her out some of the time. Then something happend. Sonar stood on her own and began to walk slowly to her mother but fell apon arriving.
            "Good job Sonar! Oh you walked for your fist time! This is something to write down on the special moments book." Said Maria prasing Sonar then reached over on the coffee table for the book and the pen. Sonar just sat there looking at her mom and woundered what she was doing. So she crawled over to see. Sonar crawled ontop of her mother's legs and thighs. She balanced her self to where she can reach out with one hand towards the book. Her little hanks almost reached the book until she lost her balance and fell off her mother's thighs and fell on the floor on the other side of her mother. Maria quickly tried to pick her up but was all ready too late and Sonar began to cry.
             "Oh Sonar! Please don'e cry, mommy's here. Don't cry any more my dear." Said Maria craddling Sonar in her arms and sooth her crying. Sonar only sniffed and hugged her mother tightly. The maid came into the living room to cheak on the comotion. "Is everything all right Mistress?" Asked Mary wiping her wet hands on her apron. "Everything is all right Mary. Sonar here just had a little accident, but nothing serious or something I can't handle. Thank you for coming to see." Explained Maria with a smile. Maria smiled and nodded her head before turning and leacing to finish her chores. Sonar has stopped crying and was back to playing with her mom. Later that day, Cezar came home from his training camp just across the Great Forest. He heard all about what had happend today while he was away.
              "Sounds like our daughter is a little off balanced." Cezar said with a smile as he looked over at Sonar on her high chair. "Well, she is only 2 months old. We can't blame her for being unbalanced. Besides, it wasn't her fault she fell. Tighs are not good places to try and keep balance on them." Maria said speaking out for Sonar's behalf. "Maybe I should train her to be more balanced? That will giver her a chance to try out her powers." Suggested Cezar as he put the broccolie in his mouth. "Cezar you know betterthan to expose our daughter to fighting at this age. Besides, we both agreed never to tell her about her powers or gifted talents. They are far too dangerous if not used well." Said Maria telling Cezar about thier agreement. "And that's why it's called "training" my dear. To "Train" her to use her powers for good. Besides, no one knows about her powers except for us and the doctors at the hospital." Explained Cezar.
Maria just shook her head.
              "I can not afford to lose her, Cezar. If she starts fighting evil, they are bound to kill her for her powers." She said getting tensed up inside. "Wuggle tie mu! Ya ya!" Shouted Sonar with glee as she banged her plate on her high chair spilling food all over her. Cezar and Maria's attention turned to her and laughed with joy. "Oh Sonar, stop that you making a mess for Mary to clean up." Said Maria joyfuly as Mary came into the dinning room. "It's okay Mistress Maria. I don't mind the mess at all! It's onouse crying over spilled milk I always say, so this no problem. I'll have it cleaned in no time." Said Mary witha smile as she left to fetch a broom, mop, pan, and a bucket. Maria got up and took Sonar out of her high chair and took her up stairs to the bathroom.
              "Bath time Sonar. We can't have a little dirty hedgehog sleeping in a nice clean bed now won't we?" Maira asked as she took off Sonar's dirty clothes off of her. "No bath, no bath!!" Sonar shouted as she got free from her mothers grip and broke in to a supersonic run. "SONAR!!!" Maria shouted in surprise as she tried to run after her but couldn't catch her. Sonar laughed at her mother as she got further away for her. "Ahahahahahaha!!! Mommy bye bye!!!! Ahahahahahahaha!!!" Sonar laughed as she continued to run at supersonic speed. "Cezar help!!!" Called out Maria.
              Sonar continued to run downstairs and just as she was about to turn, a blue flash go her ans she sceamed with joy. "I've caught you!!" Cezar shouted as she picked up Sonar high and laughed with her. "Daddy fast!! Haha!! Fun fun fun!!!" Sonar laughed with joy. "Come on, let's take you upstairs for your bath. I don't want a diry hedgehog running around the house." Sonar put her ears down and gave her dad the puppy face. "Oh Sonar you know that won't work. Your taking a bath and taht is final." Said Cezar making a serious smile at her. Tears fromed on the corners of her sky blue eyes. Cezar wiped them off with his thumb, as he went upstairs to take her to Maria so that she can give her a bath.
              During the bath Sonar cried and tried to escape form the tub. Maria held her down as much as she could, but in the process she got wet too. "Sonar please stay still!!" Shouted Maria as she tried to stop the water from splashing her. "No! No! No! No water!!" yelled Sonar as she tried to get out. Maria grabbed the shower head and rinsed Sonar's head for the shampoo bubbles. Sonar squirmed and cried even louder, that the mirror shattered into a million pieces. Maria looked back in shock. "Ohmigosh!!!" She yelled as she looked at Sonar. Sonar sat in the dirty water as she looked up at her mother with a sad look on her face. She knew she must've done something wrong. Maria took in some air and let it out slowly to calm her nerves. She made a small smile at her.
"It's akay Sonar... we can get that replaced later. Now time to dry you out." Said Maria as she grabbed the towle and placed it on the counter space. She walked over to the tub, and carried her over to the towle on the counter.
              Maria placed another towle over Sonar's head and began to rugglel her wet quills until they were some what dry. Then, she quickly took the towel off and Sonar's quills were puffy and out of place. Sonar looked down a herself and didn't like what she saw. She began to cry thinking it was some kind of monster. "It's okay Sonar, it's you! Here let me brush your quills that way you can look at your self and see how beautiful you are!" Maria took out a brush and began to brush Sonar's quills. After several long minuted that seemed like hours passed by Sonar's quills were nice and neat an not all over the place like before. "There, now look a how beautiful you look." Maria said witha  smile. Sonar looked dwon at her self then smiled feeling a lot better.
               "Good, now time to go to sleep. It's lat now and you need your energy." Maria said as she carried Sonar to her room. From there Maria put on Sonar's diper and put on her pajamas. Her pajamas were pick with little red hearts, and mittens so that she won't scrash her self at night with her nails. Maria smiled and looked down at Sonar. "There, now your ready to go to bed." She tucked Sonar in her bed and kissed her goodnight. "(Goodnight my little angle.)" Whispered Maria as she kissed Sonar's forehead. Sonar made a cute yawn and smiled as she closed her sky blue eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Maria turned on the night light and walked out of Sonar's room in a quiet way and closed the door gently as she went out.
               "Is she asleep?" Asked Cezar as he went oup the stairs. Maria sighed with exhaustion and made a weak smile. "Yes, finally." Said Maria as she embraced a hug with Cezar. "Hehe, good work my beautiful wife." Cezar gave Maria a passionate kiss on her lips. The kiss lasted only a few seconds before Maria stoped the kiss. "Let's go to bed sweatheart. I'm so tired I could colaps with exhaustion." Said Maria with a tired look in her Emerald eyes. "Okay honey. Let's go to bed." Cezar said then carried Maria to thier room as she laughed quietly with joy with the rememberance of their wedding night. Once they go dressed in their night clothes, they went to bed, said thier goodnight's, and turned off thier light. They went into deep sleep dreaming of thier wonderful future they will soon have with their daughter.
                                  (END OF CHAPTER 3)
Here is Chapter 3 of my story!! Hope y'all like it! ^^ :D Gosh this took a long time to type down!! XD Any who enjoy! ^^

*All the characters that you see here has been given thier credit thank you.*

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Next: Soon.... -Ch.4
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