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January 17, 2012
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The Betrayal

Chapter 2

A New Heart Beat

         The evening was calm, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. The baby's room was ready to take in the resposiability of watching over the new born. Cezar and Maria spent all day yesterday  and all day today to make sure everthing was perfect for the baby's arrival. "There is just one more thing missing to make this room come to life..." Cezar said taking out the bag the shop keeper gave him yesterday. "What is it?" Maria asked couriously grabing the bag. "Remember Charley down at the market place?" Cezar asked. "Yes, what about him?" Maria asked as she opened the bag. "Well, his wife; Jessica, made those clothes for our baby." Explained Cezar with a smile.
         Maria took out the same set of clothes Cezar took out the day beforeand 'aw'd' with happiness. "Wow, this is so cute! I really love it. They shuld be the first visitors to see out baby when she is born. Owwwww!!" Said Maria then held her stomach. "What's wrong dear?" Cezar asked putting his hand on her back. "It's nothing, it's just that... Owwwwww!!!!" Maria went down to her knees in great agony. "Honey what's wrong?!!" Cezar was in panic now. "H-hospital... q-quick!! Owwwwwwwwww!!!!!" Shouted Maria in more agony than before. "OH!!!!" Cezar shouted as he picked up Maria and ran down stairs at supersonic speed.
          "MARY, I'M TAKING MARIA TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!! WE'LL BE BACK SOON!!!!" Shouted Cezar as he ran out the door. Mary jumped for joy at the fact that she will finally be able to see the baby. "Oh I hope and pray everything goes well." Prayied Mary as she went back to work. At the hospital, Cezar waited patintly in the waiting room. He heard the clock ticking on the wall. It was lonley there, so obcious since it was 11:47 o' clock at night. Only a few Mobians could be seen walking up and down the halls. "Oh, I hope everything goes as planned." Thought Cezar to him self. Finally, a sign of hope. The Doctor came into the waiting room with a smile on his face. Giving Cezar the warm feeling that the delivery was a success. Cezar stood up triedly but managed to make a smile at the doctor.
           "The delivery was a success, a little struggle at first but other than that everthing was perfect. Congradulations Commander Cezar, you are now a new father." Smiled the Doctor. "Thank you Doctor Junabee. May I see my new family now?" Cezar asked with a smile. "Yes you may Commander. Follow me." Doctor Junabee let the way throught hallways and more hallways. Everywhere Cezar turned to look, he sees Mobians on the beds of their rooms sleeping soundily in their dreams. Nurses going about thier usual business cheaking the paitants or doing paper work. Finally, they reached the room Maria and the new baby were at. Maria was holding her new born baby girl in her arms. She looked very exhausted and very sweaty. She looked up at them and gave them an echausted smile at them. Cezar gave her a smile back. He walked to her bed side and looked a the light brown bundle of joy wraped in a pink blanket, sleeping in her mother's arms.
            Cezar looked at his tired wife's emerald eyes and gave her his famous sweet smile. "She look's beautiful. We did pretty well didn't we?" Cezar asked sounding joyful. "Yes, we sure did." Said Maria in a tired tone. "The only thing left to do now is name her." Said Doctor Junabee as he stepped in with a clipboard and a pen. He handed it to Cezar and stepped back to let them pick a name.
            Cezar and Maria looked at each others and looked at the baby. She was so tiny, little, and she is so adorablely cute. Still they couldn't deside. "To let y'all know, your baby girl was born feet first. Which is unusual since baby's can't switch around at the last minute. This baby is special. She is a bit under weight and smaller than she should be for an average baby hedgehog. There is something on her lower back just above her tail. It's a birth mark I've never seen before on any baby." Said Dr. Junabee stepping to help pick out a name.
            "So, what are yo trying to say Junabee?" Cezar asked trying to figure out what the doctor is saying. "I'm saying your daughter isn't like other Mobians here. She has unvlear or foreseen powers that are highly reconizable. When she first took in her fist breath and cried she let out a shrieek  called "Sonar". And While in the care unit, she kept kicking her feet at supersonic speed. This is all I have to say. I hope this imformation helped you two think of a name." Explained Dr. Junabee.
            Maria and Cezar looked at one aothers and smiled. A name has finally poped in thier heads. Cezar put the piont of the pen on the paper and wrote down the name. "We will name her Sonar The Hedgehog." Siad Cezar as he handed the clipboard vack to the doctor. "I'll say that's a lovely name choice Commander and Mistress. And again, congradulations!" Said Dr. Junabee as he read the infromation on the sheet with a smile. "Thank you." They said at the same time. "I'll just put this in the computer and gice you the baby's birth certificate." The Doctor left leacing the two new parents with the baby.
             A couple minutes later the nurse came in with a bottle of milk and the birth certificate. "Sonar the hedgehog, 3 pounds, 20 inches long, Birth date November 14, 3220 at 11:47 p.m., age: 10 minutes old. Wow, everything seembs to be right. Thank you nurse." Said Cezar as he finished reading the certificate. The nurse smiled and left the room. Maria put the bottle to Sonar's mouth. She wouldn't drink it. "Come on Sonar, you have to eat." Said Maria in a soothing voice. Sonar opened her mouth at last and drank her milk. Cezar sat down on the bed next to his wife and baby. A lot of joy filled his hear to see his two lovely ladies well and healthy.
             The new family sat in the silanced atmosphere with only the sound of crickets chirping thier evening songs, and the sound of the new born baby Sonar drinking her milk in the warmth and comforting arms of her mother.
                                (END OF CHAPTER 2)
Here is Chapter 2 everyone!! ^^ :D Hope y'all like it! ^^ :D

*All characters have been given credit thank you.*

Story belongs to me. ^^ :iconsonar15:

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