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July 29, 2013
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3 Years of DeviantART completed by Sonar15 3 Years of DeviantART completed by Sonar15
Today marks the third year of DeviantART, and I wanted it to be special since I haven't been doing much to mark such special occasions. I've been having this idea for a long time now and I never got around to doing it cus either I forget or cus I'm lazy XP... I spent four days getting this drawing finished and they've been the longest days I've EVER drawn on a traditional art style, and I must say it was worth every hand cramp, every ounce of color on the color pencil, every hour, every second of my life to make this work of art for all of you, my friends, as a thank you for sticking by me. For all those lovely comments you make on my art, your continued support, the LOVE you guys show me when you make me gifts that I will hold near and dear to my heart to treasure always :heart:, for all that come to my page for taking the time to do so, for those watching me thank you for your support. I love each and everyone of you equally, :love: :heart: I hope you all enjoy this art as I enjoyed making it for you from the bottom of my heart. :iconblueheartplz:

Now I'm going to do something new...I;m going to say what I feel personally to ALL of my 20 friends individually, so look for your icon to read what I put for you. :heart:

:iconxcherishedmemoriesx:~Kerry, my little sister, I love you so much! :heart: You are a wonderful friend to have around. You lift me up when I have fallen and you never stop impressing me with your improvement on your art. Keep it up!

:iconmorfaesparlightning:~Momo, I love telling stories with you and it feels like I've known you in like forever! :D You truly are someone I enjoy to be around. Stay forever cool! :heart:

:iconkeeshii-mirun:~Casey, even though I just met you a month ago it seems like I also known you forever! :D I love how your so strong and keep moving when others try to hold you back. Never stop doing what your meant to be. An ARTIST. You amaze me in so many ways I don't know where to start! :XD: Keep being the ineradicable friend you are and never give up! :heart:

:iconcookiekidsonic:~Jamie, you improved so much since we first met. You should be proud of who you are now cus I'm super proud of you. :hug: Never doubt what your skills are! You are doing wonderful so far and you should keep at it! :D Love you sis! :heart: Don't ever give up and fall into doubtfulness! :hug:

:iconsophietheyoshi:~Sophie, my big sis, I love you so much and I miss you all the time!! I miss how we talked about stories over the phone, seeing you at school, being there for me when bullies tried to push me around. If it wasn't for you..:tears: I wouldn't be here! I wouldn't be the person I am today! You mean the world to me, cus of you I love Sonic! :heart: You opened up all of these wonderful Sonic friends to me. This is something I will truly treasure forever. :heart: Never give up sis, when you're feeling down, think of me cus I look up to you, and think of all the good times we had together. Love you!:iconblueheartplz:

:iconmikethehedghog:~Mike, my big bro, your funny at times, but you suffer so much. I try my best to fix the pain you go through, but I'm no miracle worker. I love having you around and I thank you for all you've done for me. :hug: Don't ever let anyone bring your spirits down, cus you know your someone special. :) I'll always believe that and It'll never change. If you feel down think of me, cus you still got someone who KNOWS your unique and NEVER a freak. Love you bro. :heart:

:iconsonicemma:~Emma, I miss talking to you like before. You were one of my closest friends I had when I first got here on DA. I wish you luck in whatever your doing now and I hope to talk to you soon. Stay strong! :heart:

:icona-w-e-s-o-m-ee:~Starry, What can I say?! I miss you so so so so much!! You were my best friend in the whole wide web when I got here on DA! You thought me to just ignore the trolls, you supported my character when I doubted her and I guess that's why I'm so attached to her now, and I miss having our talks. :( I wish you luck in all your art your doing now. I love them all by the way! :heart:

:iconmarcosnazo:~Marcos, little bro, I love having you around. ^~^ Keep up in your art and never lose your self. Your really funny and I'm happy when I'm with you. :heart::hug: Stay awesome! :D

:iconnayusiminova:~Annie, Nayu, thank you for always checking on me on how my day was, for comforting me when I feel like I lost my head on some occasions. ^^; You two are truly someone to look up to, cus no matter what's wrong you always come up with a solution and make it better. :heart: Thank you for being great friends! :hug: :hug:

:iconlucanmoonwolf:~Amelie, I love talking to you about dreams, or when I feel like I need to get something off my chest. You are truly special when it comes to listening and I love helping you out if you need something. :3 :) Just know I'm here for you too. :hug: Stay strong and don't give up! :heart:

:iconbjthehedgie3:~Cute Sonic, thanks for all the small gifts you've done for me and for that heart-warming happy birthday video you did for me. :heart: I'll treasure it forever! :meow: Keep being adorable and being an amazing friend! :heart:

:iconkaya133:~Kaya, you need to get on more girl! XD but you are a cool girl and I love hanging out with you at school. :meow: When bullies try to pull us down we always come out on top! >:3 Stay strong, don't give up and see at school when it starts again. Woohooo!!! SENIORS BABY YEAH!!!! XD

:iconzerotolorance:~Itchy, good luck in collage. I'll miss seeing ya everyday at school. :( Just know you can call/text me any time...well, not until 2:30 pm cus of school...^^; stay strong and I'll see you soon. :heart:

:iconsonicmiku16:~Mizore, thank you for your coold gifts! :D I'll treasure them forever!:heart: I hope we can talk more though. I wish you luck! :heart: :hug:

:iconauxiliatrixdisciples:~Kat, my sis, thanks for the calming stone. Sonar will always and forever wear it until her dark side gets out of her. Either way she'll still have a dark side just not as violent. ^^; And the stone will still stay no matter what just in case. ;) Plus, she'll always wear it cus you gave it to her and it's special. :heart: Keep being awesome! :meow:

:iconprincessalyssahybrid:~Princess Crystal, thank you for being such a cool friend! :hug: For the gifts and RQ's you do and for all those lovely comments you give on my art. ^~^ I'll always appreciate them. :heart: Never stop being awesome! :meow:

:iconmegan0133:~Megan, thanks for being there for me and asking how my day was. ^~^ And for the comments on my art. :hug: It truly makes my day. Thank you so much! :heart:

:iconsonicjenny:~Z, thanks for ATing with me and taking commissions for everyone. ^~^ Your a very cool and creative person to talk to. :3 Thanks for all you do! Keep being cool and never give up! :heart:

:iconjamesmuthfuknbristol:~James, I'm impressed at how you can make bio's and info about each and everyone of your characters to the smallest detail. D: I don't know how you do it when I can barely handle the bio of my own character!! XD And I have two that still need a proper back story!!XD keep it up buddy and never give up! :hug:

Okay, that's about everyone! :) Whew!! I'm tired!! <: ) Thank you so much for reading this I know it was long. :heart: But I hope y'all enjoyed it. Thanks to EVERYONE for making these 3 years the BEST years on DA of my life and I hope there are many more after this. :tighthug: LOVE YOU ALL!!!! :iconbigheartplz: :love: :iconblueheartplz:

Sonic and characters belong to Archie and :iconsegaplz:

All characters mentioned above belong to their respectful owners.

Sonar belongs to me! :iconsonar15:

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mjponso Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
A way to commemorate the 3-year anniversary, and all your friends, at the same time. :thumbsup:
Sonar15 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student General Artist
thank you! :heart:
Sonicemma Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwwww..... Sonar!!!!! :iconawwwplz: Thank you soooooo much!! I am so sorry that I have been very inactive, I want you to know that I am planning on being more active from here on out!!! I miss you too bud!!! :) I hope that this makes up for all my inactiveness....
Sonar15 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student General Artist
that is so sweet of you Emma!! i love'd it so much!! i'm fixing my page so i will put this drawing on my page when its set! ^~^ :heart:
Sonicemma Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Aww it was nothing! Really! It was the least I could do to make it up to you! ^^

Aww you are so sweet!! You don't have to do that! D':

Sonar15 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student General Artist
oh but I will! XD
SonicMiku16 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love you too Sonar <3 
you are my best friend in dA 
You don't know how i love you <3 :iconbrohugplz:
Thank you so much for this, I wish you luck too <3 
You have facebook??
Sonar15 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Teehee!! Glad you loved it!! Love you too!! <3 
Your welcome! :D 
Yes! Send me a note and I'll tell you! ;)
SonicMiku16 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay ;DD 
Sonar15 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Teehee!! :D
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