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Just a little pics of my OC Sonar and the Sonic team! Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I enjoy drawing them!! :love: Chao! ^^ ;)


Another thing, if you want to criticize my art please feel free to do so but don't be putting me down and trolling. I appreciate the help, but tell me HOW to fix it too. Thank you. :heart:


Here are some of my Favorite Pictures made by special people such as your selves!! For those that aren't here I'm sorry that you weren't noticed! For those that are here give your selves a round of applouse and a pat in the back!! :D :love: Keep up the amazing work you guys!!
Drawings done for me from awesome artists! :heart: Thank you all!!! :iconplzhug:

Sonar paint by HollsterweelskittySonar and her Snowboard Skillz by AskCuteSallyCM: Sonar15 by LucanMoonwolf
icon made by :iconlucanmoonwolf::W6 Gift: Sonar15 by SonicemmaSonar doodles by KurobaFox1412Gift~ Creating Memories ... by XCherishedMemoriesXThe Good Old Days, Say Orange!! by SophieTheYoshiPeople Like Us by SophieTheYoshi.:AT:. sonic and Sonar by SONICJENNYSibling Hug Gift~ by XCherishedMemoriesXDouble date by zerotoloranceDark Sonar (Colored) by SophieTheYoshi:thumb382776207:Beach Volleyball - Collab - by Keeshii-MirunThe Dark Side Of Me by SophieTheYoshiCuddles~ Gift. by XCherishedMemoriesX+RQ+ Swimsuits by PrincessAlyssaHybridSonar the hedgehog very old Art Trade by MayBlue101Sonar Breeze the Hedgehog by JamesMuthfuknBristolSonar the hedgehog(gift for Sonar15) by MorFaeSparLightningSonar by HollsterweelskittyRequest _Smile! by XCherishedMemoriesX.:AT:. Sonar Breezy Hedgehog by SONICJENNYSonic x Sonar by JamesMuthfuknBristolDon't Be Sad .:Free Request:. by crista-the-hedgehogItchy And Sonar by zerotoloranceSonic and Sonar by Shadowfangirl112my friends by crista-the-hedgehogSonar15 Request by TheShadowEevee255Christmas gift for sonar15 - sonar and sonic by spyaroundhere35~.: Art Trade with Sonar15:.:~ by PhoebeetheBumblebee.:_+Love Song+_:. by cookiekidsonicArt Trade: Sonar by iamthemanwithglassesTwo Cute Guys by BjtheHedgie3Sonar VS Tiara: Tryharding by JamesMuthfuknBristolHAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY SONAR15 part1 by GageDawgsonar the human by zerotoloranceHappy B-day Sonar by BjtheHedgie3Happy Birthday Sonar15!!! by sonicfan967HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY SONAR! by XCherishedMemoriesXHappy_Halloween by SonicMiku16A gift to Sonar15 by BjtheHedgie3Art trade (again): Sonar15 by perrythehedgehogTeam Rush! by XCherishedMemoriesX:BONUS: Avengers Doodles by SonicemmaComfort ... by XCherishedMemoriesXI_Love_You by SonicMiku16Gift_Sonar_Kerry_ by XCherishedMemoriesXAT-Romantic Date by Sonic-fan17Art Trade- Ice Cream ... by XCherishedMemoriesXArt trade with Sonar15 by sonicislifehappy 4 of July by SonicMiku16Dancing_at_the_afternoon by SonicMiku16:thumb312934275::AT:Sonar pranking Sonic XD by KentamiStephenie_Robin_date by SonicMiku16Art Trade with Sonar15 by PhoebeetheBumblebeeTina flying Sonar by BlazeandHoneythecatsAT: Sonar15 3 by perrythehedgehogSonic X Sonar Wedding :AT: by MoonlightVegas:AT: Sonar15 by SonicemmaArt Trade-Saving Sonar by SonicBornAgainTribal Collage +Gifts+ by PrincessAlyssaHybridSonar the hedgehog sprite sheet by captainIronstar:Gift: Sonar15 by SonicemmaSonar larger by sonicfan967Me and Sonar15 by sonicislife:AT: Sonar15 by SHADENNAAT Sonic X Sonar BATHTIME KIDS by MoonlightVegasSonar TH: Gift Before AT by MoonlightVegas:AT: Sonar and Kat by AuxiliatrixDisciplesSonar the hedgehog sprite by captainIronstarMy art trade with Sonar15 by spyaroundhere35:AT Sonar15: Kiddie pool by SonicemmaMy idea for Sonar15's story by SonicemmaSonar The Hedgehog +Gift+ by PrincessAlyssaHybridSOnar and chibi SOnic by Molls-are-awsome128Sonar and Sonic .: practice :. by TheShadowEevee255Team Rush ~ Coloured Edition ... by XCherishedMemoriesXGift~ Royal Siblings ... by XCherishedMemoriesXAT: Pokiss  -3- by SonicMiku16Team Fearless! Sonar, Sophie and Kaya by SophieTheYoshiGift Sonic X Sonar by meadowthepikachu::SONIC CHANNEL:: Heroine Siblings by Keeshii-MirunSonar and a Chao by SonicStaryFanPlease don't cry Ms.Sonar... by KaitothehedgehogThank you Sonar for the hug by KaitothehedgehogSpiritual Helper by KurobaFox1412Sonar15 by meadowthepikachuSonar? by Blazethecatfan03Sonar15 by meadowthepikachuSonar by HollsterweelskittyGift~ Trick or Treating .. by XCherishedMemoriesXCozy Sonar by HollsterweelskittySarah And Sonar by DarkStarling716AT Sonic and Sonar by meadowthepikachuAuntie Sonar!! by meadowthepikachu.:Gift/AT:. Sonar15 by xXDCCXxStephanie Breeze by JamesMuthfuknBristolHappy Birthday Sonar! Gift~ by XCherishedMemoriesXHappy B-day, Sonar! by meadowthepikachuHappy Birthday Sonar by zerotoloranceHappy Birthday Sonar 2013 by TheShadowEevee255Happy Birthday, Sonar! ^w^ by TalongraspI Want To See You Be Brave! Happy Birthday Sonar! by SophieTheYoshiSonic and Sonar by HollsterweelskittyDon't open your eyes!! D: by SonicMiku16Happy Birthday Dear Sis!!! by SonicMiku16


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Sonar Breezy Hedgehog
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If you want to be a part of my DA Family just ask me. :heart: :iconsoniclaplz:

I LOVE TO Role Play!!!:heart:
Characters I RP as: Sonar (mainly all the time), Prince Henry, Manik and Sonia(Sonic and Sonar's kids)(also occasionally) If not RPing I'm my self :Steph.

So if you like to RP I'm up for it. :3 Just ask me first cus I might be busy with stuff. ^~^ :heart:


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Sonar Fan Stamp by Sonar15 Sonic and Sonar fan stamp by Sonar15
supporter of my own character and Couple :heart:

Self-Taught Stamp by In-The-Machine God and Jesus stamp by aurora-xo I'm Only Human Stamp by mylastel Love for the Watchers Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeN

Sonic Always Fan Stamp by FourSonic Angry Sonic Stamp by SonicAngel15Sonic Stamp by Miha85

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*still need to figure out hero skills!!!!*

Accounts I hold:

Pervy Sonar :iconpervysonarplz:

Sonar hug :iconsonarhugplz:

More to come!! Feel free to use these! :heart:

Sonar Breezy The Hedgehog (new and improved) Bio by Sonar15


Name: Sonar Breezy The Hedgehog

Age: 18

Eye Color: Yellow-green

Fur Color: Light brown w/ gold blends

Height: 4ft 2 in

Weight: Unknown! >:3

Birthday: November 14, 3220

Attire: Sonar can wear her yellow-green, sleeveless, hoodie jacket open or closed, when open or closed she wears a sky blue trimmed tube top. She wears skin tight shorts or black yoga pants with a white line going down her pant/short legs. Wears a sky blue scarf in case of dust or debris. Likes to wear her quills down, but can also pull them back in a pony tail with a sky blue hair ring. Wears sky blue shoes or boots with stocking over them held by golden heart buckles. Wears a backpack full of medical supplies.

Dad: Cezar Breezy The Hedgehog
Mom: Maria Breezy The Hedgehog
Sister: Kerry Breezy The Hedgehog
Grandpa (mom side of family) : Homer The Bat
Grandma (mom side of the family) : Hildalina The Hedgehog

Relationship status: Taken! by Sonic The Hedgehog :heart:

Abilities: After Sonar's Dark Side is removed her abilities in speed will shrink to where she can only run at 300 mph no more or less. Her power isn't very good, only in her legs. Her skill is average and so is her technique. Her only strongest ability is her ability to heal wounds or patch someone up if needed. Her 'sonar' will only be helpful to the team and her self to look out for enemies, or go into dark areas where there is no light; if they forget a flashlight or lose it, she'll be right there to guide them. She can still use her shriek to disable machines that are too close for comfort and is using it only to defend her self and or protecting the injured fighter. Though after she does that several times she'll have to recover and will need someone to cover for her while she rests and bandages up whoever is hurt. She does better in defense than in offence. She can hold her own in a fight, but if too many enemies she'll become overwhelmed and forced to hold back and defend.

Weaknesses/limits: Due to being part bat, her ears are very sensitive to high pitch noises or annoying sounds, because they will make her lose focus and or paralyze her leaving her open for attacks. Sonar prefers to be on defense, and would butt heads with Sonic when he wants her to be on offence. Sonar is still in training for offensive attacks. So her durability in the front lines is very little, and will have to fall back and use defenses when there are too many enemies. Sonar can not revive a dead member. With the use of Chaos Emeralds, she can increase her ability to heal near death members to full health. She can heal several times on her team mates and her self, but if its too much to heal she'll need time to recover her healing energy.

Personality: Sonar has the heart of a protector, she lives her life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity. Sonar is independent and stubborn, and rarely strays from her visions no matter what it is. She is an excellent listener to whoever is open to be heard. She tries her best to remain humble, but she considers her self a valuable member of the team and appreciates some recognition for her efforts. Although she is usually very patient and understanding, she's very sensitive to certain subjects and can be quite nasty when she feels sufficiently insulted. Sonar has complex feelings, making her hard to understand what she truly feels and would only let close friends know what her deepest feelings are. Other than that she masks her real feelings to others that don't know her. In love, she sees relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow. She enjoys relationships when they are improving and changing. She can't stand stagnation. When working with the Freedom Fighters, she stays motivated and happy to help. Sonar is very caring and would take consideration in others feelings instead of her own. When others don't understand her or know her, they see her as manipulative, weak, and unstable.

Bio: Sonar was born on November 14, 3220 to the loving couple; Maria and Cezar Breezy The Hedgehog. Sonar was born with rather large bat ears thanks to her grandpa being a bat. She has a sister that is a year younger than her named Kerry. During the days of the Great War, Sonar and Kerry's parents were medics, taking care of fighters in the war against the overlanders. When they had Sonar she had quite an amount of healing energy in her. Enough to start training her to be the next medic. Though, her training was cut short. During the invasion of Emerald Hill Island, Sonar and Kerry's parents were captured and roboticized. Leaving 5 year old Sonar to take care of her 4 year old sister. Sonar took charge and took her sister in and they traveled together to South Island to find a safe place to stay. There they met a couple that loved to adopt kids. Their names were John the mongoose and Terisa the Armadillo. These couple brought them home and they were greeted by a speedy, 5 year old, blue hedgehog named Sonic. His parents had also been roboticized and had to run away after they told him to run. The three became good friends and began school together. Because Sonar had big ears, kids at school began to make fun of her. That's until Sonic worked up the courage and stood up for his friend. After that Sonar looked up to him. Suddenly, South Island was also invaded by Eggman's robots. Now that a brave Sonic was born he decided it was time to fight back. Not wanting to be behind, Sonar and Kerry helped him. Not long after, the foster parents got captured and roboticized. Sonic, Sonar, and Kerry all orphaned again decided to travel to the main land and tried to make it out all on their own. Which worked pretty well, they had learned to fight better and use their skills to fight robots and saving small forest animals from being roboticized. Now at age 9 and 8 they had received recognition for their heroics and the attention of a certain tyrant. During a fight with Eggman's army and invasion of his base, Kerry got captured. Sonar vows to her sister that she will find and save her. Though she could not keep her promise, because right after the fight in Eggman's base Sonar disappeared. Sonic; believing it was Eggman's doing, sets out to find her. (sorry can't spoil any more details between here! you'll have to see in my new reboot comic coming soon!) After six years go by Sonar is finally found in conditions Sonic found very unbelievable. He took her in and took care of her until she was better. During the two years of recovery she has grown to love Sonic and the same with him. Thus their romance was born. Sonar keeps a secret diary she used in her time of recovery to lock away her "dark past" out of her new life. After recovery and some events, Sonar resumes to the way she was meant to be. A medic, and help all those that need her on her team and outside her team. In order to bring down Eggman they worked along side the Knothole Freedom Fighters, two teams are better than one. And together they will find a way to bring down Eggman and find their missing parents.

(Sorry if that bio makes no sense right now because details are left out due to my new comic being currently on hold until the Dark Side Of Me is done and finished. But after I put up my new comic I will go back to this bio and finish it. Though this story will be the main one now because its a better thought out one and carefully planned out. It took me a week to finally get this up! Oh and yes I did get help with this profile so I'd like to thank :iconsonicwindattack: for helping me edit Sonar's story.)

I hope you all enjoy this new story to Sonar and hope for y'all to read my new comic coming soon!! Love you all! :heart:

Sonic and characters later to be used belong to :iconsegaplz:

Kerry belongs to :iconxcherishedmemoriesx:

Sonar and parents and random foster parents belong to me :iconsonar15:
I know I worried some of you with the "insane Sonar" was a vent art because I've been dealing with issues my body can not control....basically, I was yelled at by my dad like every parent does to their kids... He took away my phone because Im using too much data, and he took my tablet away because I don't log off at 10... Understandable...but the feeling of being yelled it causes an anger inside me to boil over and usually I would be able to contain it and let it pass.but recently I couldn't be able to and it turns to bitter rage and I unleash it on myself for being so stupid and not listening to my l'm basically mad and angry with my self. I know maybe some of you that read this will be like "oh its just yelling suck it up bitch!" the thing is I'm very sensitive and I hate to disappoint people, so it makes me feel horrible and guilty when I do and blame myself. Though lately the rage has grown more and more violent.. I punched my self multiple times on my head to give me reason to cry out in pain, usually the last time I did it it was only two big hits to the head because I was mad at myself again for letting my anger get carried away by yelling at my brother, this time I almost made my self pass out as the description says....I am self aware I am hurting more now than anything in my life and it even worries me....because my anger doesn't stop there, memories of my past events come back and the fact no stupid scholarship wants to call back and tell me I have money for college increase my anger to the point I feel like killing myself because I can't do anything right....and it scares me because I'm not like head hurts today..I realized now I have a bruise and it's tender to the touch on my head....this journal is in no reason to get attention...I just feel some people need answers for those that worry about me and I do not have the energy to reply to all my messeges right now discussing about this certain issue....I hope you guys understand now and I don't want to discuss more about have your please don't worry about me anymore...I'm fine and happy...that's all you need to know....goodbye....

  • Mood: Guilty
  • Listening to: Happy song
  • Reading: Sadness
  • Watching: Hurt
  • Playing: Regretful
  • Eating: Suffering
  • Drinking: Bitter

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Sis that us so wonderful! I like that song! X3
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I knew you would!! : D I'm so glad you like it sis!~
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Umm, Sonar, about your "Insanity" picture.... are you feeling alright?
I can help, ya know. :worry:
Talongrasp 3 days ago  Student General Artist
I really care about your safety... Please, Sonar.....suicide isn't worth it...
there's still so much to do.... plus, I haven't even heard from you all that
much....please, Sonar...*Breaks into tears* I DON'T WANT YOU TO GOOOOO!!!!! ;__;
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