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If you want to criticize my art please feel free to do so but don't be putting me down and trolling. I appreciate the help, but tell me HOW to fix it too. Thank you. :heart:

Done For Me Sonar

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Awesome art done by my lovely fans! :la: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!:heart: :'3

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Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
Requests - Closed by SweetDuke


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Yuki Stamp by S-concept

Sad news guys...Donatello from the Teenage Ninja Tortule's is dead....:( (if no spoilers don't click on the link below) 



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Mar 28, 2015
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Spring Point Commissions (Closed)

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 3:47 PM

Okay starting today and ending on March 22nd, I am open for commissions! I know it's shocking! XD I just figured since I am having art block and I need something to keep me sane during spring break, I thought why not open the flood gates for a little while? So go on ahead and request a commission! ^~^

Edit: Please send links of the characters, please and thank you!

Edit: Well, commissions are doing very well and better than I had expected! Thank you so much everyone! But now that I'm really getting hammered with Commissions I figured I'd raise the prices up a little more. For the people that paid ahead of time you don't have to pay extra for the commission. All new and nonpaid deviants will have to pay the new amount of points. Thank you for commissioning me! It's greatly appreciated and I'm happy your able to enjoy the outcomes. ;w; :heart:

Edit: I need to catch up on some of these commissions and what not and my college just posted homework for me to do over the course of the week so I need to get that out of the way first. I promise I'll reopen once I get life out of the way first and catch up with these commissions. ^^;

Edit: End of commissions, sorry...just not really a good time right now. -_-"

Commission Prices:


Ladies Ladies Ladies WIP by Sonar15

The Lady Freedom Fighters! by Sonar15

Half body- 50:points:

Full body- 100:points:

*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 10:points: more

Let me know poses or expressions you want them to have.


Sonar in Sonic Boom New Design WIP by Sonar15

Commission:: Ace by Sonar15

Half body- 80:points:

Full body- 160:points:

*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 10:points: more

Let me know poses and expressions, you want them to be and if you want digital or traditional.

Black and White

SRQ: Scarlett and Sonic by Sonar15

Half body- 150:points:

Full body- 200:points:

*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 10:points: more

Let me know poses and expressions, you want them to be and if you want digital or traditional(meaning just pencil shading).

Flat Color

Sonar Selfy by Sonar15

:AT:Sonar_Kathrine_BF_Plushies by Sonar15

Half body- 150:points:

Full body- 250:points:

*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 10:points: more

Let me know poses and expressions, you want them to be and if you want digital or traditional.

Little glitter for traditional drawing can be added 5:points: more.

Coloring With Shading

Late Night Sonic doodles... by Sonar15

Sonic X Sonar (gift) Something Right by Sonar15

Half body- 200:points:

Full body- 300:points:

*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 10:points: more

Let me know poses and expressions, you want them to be and if you want digital or traditional.

Special for Traditional coloring; I can add glitter for 10:points: more.

Comic Style Coloring

Battle Ready Fighters! (Colored Version) by Sonar15

Half body- 250:points:

Full body- 400:points:

*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 20:points: more

Let me know poses and expressions you want them to be.

Simple Animations

::Gift::Yuki in the Snow Animation by Sonar15

:Gift:Sonic winking icon by Sonar15


*Can be official Sonic Characters or Sonic FC's

*Extra Characters are 30:points: more

Let me know poses and expressions you want them to be, plus what should the animation contain. keep it simple please. (Can be for icons, or just a simple blink or wave, ect.)  

If you have any other questions, go ahead and ask. ^~^

Edit: Please hold off points until I finish the commission.

Some rules to the commission would be that I can do mild(Not heavy!) Sexual drawings (if female characters I can draw minimal clothing to her to make her look "sexy,  or even her naked if you want but not showing anything, guys the same) and very little blood like a scratch or cut. Not heavy gory stuff, no fetishes either...I feel uncomfortable doing that. >_>"


This girl needs some help with commissions so please commission her too!


► Pay me with points please, I don't have a paypal account.
► If I can't do your commission, I will gladly give you your points back. I will not spend them until I finish your commission.
► If you can, please send me a digital reference of your character, if you send me a traditional ref, then tell me the colors of your character.
► I'm really slow at getting things done so please do not rush me on your commission. 
► I will try to provide WIPs for you so if i mess up on something, you can tell me. Don't be afraid to tell me if I mess up! Tell me!!
► I'll go in order on who ever commission me first, like for example if I have 5, I will go in order from 1 to 5.
► If I mess up on your commission, please tell me! Don't just say thank you and move on. Please tell me!! I will fix it as soon as possible!
► Please pay me first after you showed m


Here is another person in need of commissions! Please help!

Commission info 2015 by WickedZekrom

Skin css and layout by DrTrueBlueJS
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Welcome To My Page!

Welcome to my page! Please enjoy your time here and feel free to look around and talk to me. I don't bite! ;3 :heart:

~ Sonar15:heart:


©Sonar Breezy The Long-eared Hedgehog: Hey there RP people! Its me, Sonar Breezy The Hedgehog! It's nice to know y'all! Though i have to run! The team needs my help! later!:heart:

Chao made by :iconextra-fenix:

My Love


Been together for a year and it's been the best year of my life with you. I can't image my life without you in it anymore. Think about you everyday and wonder how you've been. To me your my perfect Sonikku, and always will be. Thank you my love for making so happy and I hope we continue to share our lives together. :heart:

Special People

Loves in no specific order :heart:

:icondrawloverlala: :iconyardley: :iconianpotto: :iconelesis-knight: :icons-concept: :iconcopperchipmunk: :iconevanstanley: :iconbloomphantom: :iconnayusiminova: :iconxcherishedmemoriesx: :iconkurobafox1412: :iconsophietheyoshi: :icon4atomic4: :iconsamsskittles: :iconiamthemanwithglasses: :iconsonicmaurice: :iconamazingsodacola: :iconkaya133: :iconzerotolorance: :iconmorfaesparlightning: :icongodzillasonictitan: :iconr-no71:

About My Character: Sonar Breezy The Long-eared Hedgehog

Avatar made by :iconr-no71:

Name: Sonar Breezy The Long-eared Hedgehog

Age: 19

Eye Color: Yellow-green

Fur Color: Light brown w/ gold blends

Height: 3ft 2 in

Weight: 65 pounds

Birthday: November 14, 3220

Attire: Sonar wears a blue tube top with a line down the side. She wears skin tight blue yoga pants with a white line going down her capri legs. She wears a white belt that has a red medic cross in the middle. Likes to wear her quills down and has a a sky blue headband. Wears sky blue shoes with stocking over them held by golden heart buckles. Wears a backpack full of medical supplies.

Dad: Cezar The Bat
Mom: Marrie The Long Eared Hedgehog
Adopted Sister: Kerry Jones the Fox
Grandpa (mom side of family) : Homer The Fruit Bat
Grandma (mom side of the family) : Hildalina The Long Eared Hedgehog

Relationship status: Taken! by Sonic The Hedgehog :heart:

Team Occupation: Medic/ Doctor/ Healer

Abilities: After Sonar's Dark Side is removed her abilities in speed will shrink to where she can only run at 300 mph no more or less. Her power isn't very good, only in her legs. Her skill is average and so is her technique. Her only strongest ability is her ability to heal wounds or patch someone up if needed. Her 'sonar' will only be helpful to the team and her self to look out for enemies, or go into dark areas where there is no light; if they forget a flashlight or lose it, she'll be right there to guide them. She can still use her shriek to disable machines that are too close for comfort and is using it only to defend her self and or protecting the injured fighter. Though after she does that several times she'll have to recover and will need someone to cover for her while she rests and bandages up whoever is hurt. She does better in defense than in offence. She can hold her own in a fight, but if too many enemies she'll become overwhelmed and forced to hold back and defend. She Is also a talented ventriloquist, like her grandpa. Able to throw her voice around to fool enemies, and disguise it to match any character for further confusion.

Weaknesses/limits: Due to being part bat, her ears are very sensitive to high pitch noises or annoying sounds, because they will make her lose focus and or paralyze her leaving her open for attacks. Sonar prefers to be on defense, and would butt heads with Sonic when he wants her to be on offence. Sonar is still in training for offensive attacks. So her durability in the front lines is very little, and will have to fall back and use defenses when there are too many enemies. Sonar can not revive a dead member. With the use of Chaos Emeralds, she can increase her ability to heal near death members to full health. She can heal several times on her team mates and her self, but if its too much to heal she'll need time to recover her healing energy.

Personality: Sonar has the heart of a protector, she lives her life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity. Sonar is independent and stubborn, and rarely strays from her visions no matter what it is. She is an excellent listener to whoever is open to be heard. She tries her best to remain humble, but she considers her self a valuable member of the team and appreciates some recognition for her efforts. Although she is usually very patient and understanding, she's very sensitive to certain subjects and can be quite nasty when she feels sufficiently insulted. Sonar has complex feelings, making her hard to understand what she truly feels and would only let close friends know what her deepest feelings are. Other than that she masks her real feelings to others that don't know her. In love, she sees relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow. She enjoys relationships when they are improving and changing. She can't stand stagnation. When working with the Freedom Fighters, she stays motivated and happy to help. Sonar is very caring and would take consideration in others feelings instead of her own. When others don't understand her or know her, they see her as manipulative, weak, and unstable.


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