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Done For Me Sonar

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Awesome art done by my lovely fans! :la: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!:heart: :'3

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Just a little pics of my OC Sonar and the Sonic team! Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I enjoy drawing them!! :love: Chao! ^^ ;)


Another thing, if you want to criticize my art please feel free to do so but don't be putting me down and trolling. I appreciate the help, but tell me HOW to fix it too. Thank you. :heart:


Here are some of my Favorite Pictures made by special people such as your selves!! For those that aren't here I'm sorry that you weren't noticed! For those that are here give your selves a round of applouse and a pat in the back!! :D :love: Keep up the amazing work you guys!!


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Sep 20, 2014
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Just curious, how many of you would like Sonar to change to #1 or stay #2? please help me.....I'm just very confused and really wanting to know what you guys think cus I'm tied Two to two.....:/ 

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Story Continuation

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 1:46 AM

Last time on this random story....

It was an ordinary day in the city of Station Square, or what you can call ordinary as a flash of grey, yellow and red zoomed by followed by a blue streak down the busy main street of the city. The hero Sonic the Hedgehog was once again in hot pursuit of his arch nemesis' mobile, after foiling one of his evil plots not that very long ago. "You pesky rodent! You're like a mosquito I can't kill!! Why don't you just lay down and die and leave me alone?!" Eggman sped up to the best of his mobile's ability to get away from his blue, spiky arch nemesis. "No way Baldy Mcnosehair!! I'm never gonna rest until you stop committing crimes!! Until then, I'm going after your butt and stopping your evil schemes!!" Sonic chuckled as if amused of Eggman's "effort" to escape him. Sonic was the fastest Hedgehog alive, so of course he's taking it easy and toying with his enemy by pretending to be slower than him. Otherwise, none of this would be fun or challenging for the blue daredevil. "Fine!! If you want it that way, rodent!!" Eggman pushed a few buttons on his control panel and  missiles fired at Sonic as he was closing in on the doctor. Sonic smiled and sped up. He dodged the missiles with ease, like a dancer gracefully moving in a smooth, calm manor that time seemed to slow down. Red sneakers meet pavement again and in less than a second a blur replaced them as the time began to tick again. "Nice move Egg-for-brains!! Too bad it was a predictable move!! Don't you have something better up those sleeves of your's?!" Sonic challenged the doctor with a smirk. Eggman sizzled with anger at Sonic's unsatisfied ego. ["I need to lose this pesky, blue flea off my back!!"] Eggman thought as he looked at his flight meter. ["I have enough fuel to fly and get away. Then I can plot my revenge!"] Eggman hit a button on the control panel and he starts lifting into the sky and away from Sonic's grasp. "Drats!!" Sonic tried jumping up to catch Eggman's mobile, but Eggman was already too high for Sonic's leap. He went straight back down and he can only watch Eggman flee and dissappear into the blue sky. "Heh, he'll be back, and when he does, I'll be here waiting for him." Sonic rubbed his nose and dashed off back to The Mystic Ruins to meet up with his best friend and his other friends there.

Eggman paced around his lab, plotting, scheming his evil plans. "There has to be a weakness to that hedgehog. I tired water before, he is use to it already, though he can't swim yet. Possibly I can still use that to my advantage, but getting him there won't be so easy....unless someone close to him is in need of his heroics! Hmmm, someone close to him..." Eggman flips to some videos of his past fights with Sonic and the most recent fight he had with the hedgehog earlier that day. He paused a certain point in the video of one of his past fights and looks at the video from his earlier fight. "Hmmm, interesting..that brown, female hedgehog serves as the Medic of the group. Not only that she seems to hang around Sonic in time off and that hedgehog is always next to her during the fights. Hmmmm, she could be his lover, or she could just be very important that sonic has to protect her...?" A twinkle lit up on his blue, silver glasses and a wide toothy grin adorn his features. "I have a plan. Ho Ho Ho! Oh it's the most evilest, most grandest plan I have ever come up with! Soon the chaos emeralds and the world will be mine! Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!!!!" The doctor dissappears in to the elevator where he is taken to his other lab full of machinery and other gadgets were now he will get to work with his evil plot.

....what does Dr. Eggman have planned for our hero?! Find out now!


Tails was in his lab when he heard a familiar sonic boom in the distance. "Here comes Sonic. Wonder what story he has for us today." Amy was cleaning up the lab a bit and giggled when he said that. "Probably going to tell us how brave he was and about how Eggman cried all the way home. Sighs, so dashing of him to be so heroic and dareing. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking of how he fought earlier today. Just watching him gracefully move about with ease..." Amy starts day dreaming about Sonic and forgets to watch where she was going with Tails' books and trips over the wires. "Whoa!!!" Books and papers fly everywhere and Tails quickly got up to help her. "You really need to stop day dreaming in my lab. It's dangerous to do that here, especially with my equipment." He picks up the books and paper that had spread everywhere and helped Amy up on her feet. "Sorry, I just can't help it. Sonic makes me dream of us someday together and just be the perfect couple we are meant to be." Tails just looked at her and sighed. "I'm not getting involved with this love life of yours. Just don't do it here in my lab again please." He stacks the books in the shelves and heads back to the computer. "Okay." Amy dusts her dress off and heads off outside to greet Sonic. Said blue hedgehog just stopped by the Medic hut to visit a certain someone. "Hey Breezy?! You in here?! I have a gift for ya!" Sonic looked in the back where she usually is and Sonar's head popped up from one of the rooms in her hut. "Oh! Hey Sonic. A surprise? For me? Heh, you shouldn't have." Sonic walked up to her and held out his hidden hand from behind his back and handed her a chili dog. "Got it on the way here. Still warm and fresh! Just wanted to say you did a great job in the fight earlier today. Your starting to get the hang of fighting on the offence." He winks at her and Sonar glowed with joy. "Thank you so much Sonic! But really, it's thanks to you and the team for training me. I may be just a medic now, but soon I'll be combat ready in no time!" She takes a bite of the chili dog and savors it's juicy, slightly spicy chili, and soft meat. "Mmmmmmm!! So good!" Sonic chuckled. "Glad you like it, and don't worry about it. You're great so far and you'll only get better that's for sure." Sonar nodded and continued to eat. Amy soon entered the Medic hut. "Sonar! Have you seen -...!!" Amy spotted who she was looking for and her eyes lit up like fireworks on the forth of July. Sonic frowned and displeased that he was found. "My sonikku!!" Amy wastes no time and rushes over to hug him. Much to sonic's dismay, he had no where to run and he'd be crazy to make a hole in Sonar's medic hut and have her repair it if he did run off to get away from his number one fan. Amy embraced him in a bear hug and made him lose most of his air. "Ack!! Amy!! Can't!! Breath!! Ah!!" He could feel and hear his bones crack in her hug. "Oops! Sorry!" She let's him go and Sonic pants to get his air back in his deflated lungs. "Guess I don't know my own strength." She shyly grinned and rubbed the back of her head. Sonic just frowned after regaining his oxygen and sat on one of the Medic tables in Sonar's hut. Amy sees Sonar and immediately the air gets heavy and tense, Sonic could feel it. "Sonar..." Amy said in a monotone voice. "Umm, hi Amy." Sonar sheepishly smiled at her, noticing her voice was not in a happy tone to see her. Amy didn't do nothing else and turned away to look at Sonic. "Come on Sonic, let's go out to get a smoothy or something cus I'm in for some dessert." She grasps his arm and pulls him a few times, but he won't budge. "No Amy, I don't want to go. I ate not too long ago and I'm in no mood for dessert right now. Maybe later?" Sonic did like spending time with his friends, but as for dates, he is not very good at them. Plus, Amy scares him if he's not careful with her feelings. Amy glared at him for a minute, then shrugs it off. "Fine, but you promise later. I'll be waiting." She glances at Sonar and gives her an "I'm watching you" look before she heads out of her hut and heads to her own hut to get ready. "Sheesh...I've only been on this team for two weeks and she still can't get use to me. What did I do?" Sonar looks down at her feet hoping that maybe the answer was there, but it was not. "Beats me, Breezy. I think it's a girl thing." He shrugs his shoulders and scratches his ear with his pinky. "That or she's thinking your trying to get to near me as in your trying to steal me from her. Honestly, I think that's it and I don't like it one bit. I don't like her that way and I keep telling her that. It's why I run away so much. Other than that, don't get me wrong, she's a great fighter and is very helpful when we need her." Sonar looks at him. "Will I ever be a friend to her?" Sonic shrugged. "Dunno, it may take time to get use to her and same with her to you. We don't have many team members around here that are girls. Just give her time, she'll warm up to you eventually." Sonic gets off the table. "Well, later Breezy I'm going for fresh air and to "prepare" for the the date tonight with Amy." Sonar nods. "I wish you good luck Sonic." Sonic winks at her and dashes off.

Unbeknownst to the hedgehogs, a robotic, tiny bug was recording everything that just happened and radio in the whole thing. "Ho Ho Ho! This is grand! Just grand! No one suspected my sky bug on the wall! Egg-callent! Time for phase two." A meaty, white gloved finger pushed a shiny red button and as soon as it was pressed the tiny robot and millions of others that were on the wall awaiting commands began to release a green gas into the Medic hut. "Ugh!! What's that horrible smell?!! Koff Koff!!!" Sonar gasps and wezzies. Suddenly, she feels light headed, the room was spinning and she lost her balance. Before she can hit the floor her vision went black. "S-son...ic......" And the last thing she heard was robotic foot steps coming to her before loosing consciousness completely.

(To be continued....)

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Welcome to my page! Please enjoy your time here and feel free to look around and talk to me. I don't bite! ;3 :heart:

~ Sonar15:heart:


©Sonar Breezy The Hedgehog: Hey there RP people! Its me, Sonar Breezy The Hedgehog! If you'd like to start an RP with me please feel free to ask! Catcha later! ;) :heart:


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